Use Case: Home Renovation for Brig. Kamran in Bahria’s Executive Lodges

A success story of renovation of a 20 year old house

Brief Background

Brig. Kamran has been living in a 20-year-old house located in Bahria’s Executive Lodges for quite some time now. Over the years, the walls of his house have become damp, and seelan has started to show, leading to an overall unattractive appearance. This has caused Mr. Kamran to look for a renovation solution that can help him restore the beauty of his home.

User Story

Brig. Kamran reached out to Lyseis Design, a professional home renovation service provider, to find a permanent solution to the damp walls and seelan problem. After an initial inspection, the Lyseis team identified that the plaster on the boundary walls and the roof treatment needed to be redone using the latest techniques and chemicals to increase the life of the house.

Home Renovation Process

To begin the home renovation process, Lyseis Design’s team of experts started by removing the existing plaster and cleaning the boundary walls and roof. They then used the latest techniques and high-quality chemicals to apply a new layer of plaster on the walls and gave them a fresh coat of paint.

For the roof treatment, the Lyseis team applied advanced chemicals and techniques to ensure that it was thoroughly protected from any dampness or seelan. They also added an extra layer of insulation to reduce heat loss, making the house more energy-efficient.

Results and Benefits

After the home renovation process was complete, Brig. Kamran was thrilled with the results. The house looked brand new, and the boundary walls and roof were now protected from any dampness or seelan for the next 20 to 25 years. The roof treatment chemicals and latest techniques used by Lyseis Design had increased the life of the house, making it a more valuable investment for Mr. Kamran.

Overall, the home renovation process by Lyseis Design helped Brig. Kamran achieve his goal of having a beautiful and well-protected home that will stand the test of time.